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WhatsApp is updating it’s terms of service and privacy policies. We all know that. It’s the current hot topic. lot of us trying to move away from the app for safer alternatives. But, the things I’ve been reading and the generic opinion on this, on social media and YouTube, is bugging me a lot, to say the least. That’s the reason I’m writing this.

Quick disclaimers:

I am not a “fanboy” of any particular app nor company. In fact, people who know me personally know that I’ve always recommended Telegram as a better alternative to WhatsApp (There are some things…

In this article, I use the Axios library as an example. It is a small AJAX library, that you can call like


This returns a promise that resolves when the AJAX is successful, and rejects when failes.

You might be familiar with Promise.all() in JavaScript. It is a neat way to take an array of Promises and combine them into a single promise — which resolves when all of the promises resolve, and rejects when atleast one of them failed.

All the individual promises will be executed parallely, but if any of the promise rejects, the overall promise…

Prior knowledge of basic OAuth flow is required for understnding this tutorial.

Postman is an amazing tool for working with REST APIs, from sending simple requests to using it as a full blown API test suite, it can do a lot of things. But only thing I find cumbersome is when working with OAuth in Postman. Don’t get me wrong, Postman has built in support for OAuth 2.0 authentication. My issues were with OAuth flows using the Refresh Tokens grant type.

No mechanism for handle Refresh Token grant type

Refresh Tokens are what you use to generate a new Access Token, whenever the current Access Token expires. …

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You are a JavaScript wizard who knows the ins and outs of Progressive websites, you can build applications that perform amazingly well. For some reason you have to handle the UI of your application/website yourself. Maybe you are working on a small project all by yourself.

You are set out with good technical knowledge about HTML and CSS, with which you can spit out the coding for screen after screen, effortlessly as your UI designer hands it out to you. But when you tried to design a page yourself, it didn’t stand out as much as you expected. …

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Let me begin by saying that this read is not for the lightest of hearts. It contains a lot of Javascript nuances (like map, reduce), which if you don’t know in detail can leave you wondering. I try to explain briefly about them, but I’ll also provide links that will explain them in detail.


I have this weird craving for writing super short code, like writing entire functions in a single line. I do not recommend doing it that way, code readability is many times more important than your code being small in size. …

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