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Coder, content creator. Admin of @baby_wolf_codes


  • Jonas Liendl

    Jonas Liendl

    Inspired by Space Flight and Astronomy. Interested in Engineering and Software Engineering. Based in Germany.

  • Antony Raj

    Antony Raj

    I’m a deeply passionate young programmer. You’ll probably find me honing my programming skills.In my spare time I contribute to these domains using my skills.

  • Luca Righetti

    Luca Righetti

  • Benjamin Trotin

    Benjamin Trotin

  • Antony Prince J

    Antony Prince J

    Ever curious backend developer highly interested in blockchain development.

  • Chris Witko

    Chris Witko

    Full Stack Developer. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - Neale Donald Walsh 🌈

  • Muthukumaran Navaneethakrishnan

    Muthukumaran Navaneethakrishnan

    Programmer works with Clojure, Javascript , Java, Scala, Dart & Python.

  • Maurício Marinho

    Maurício Marinho

    Dev and a tech entusiast

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